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44 Farms Beef Jerky

 In 1909 by Sherwood and Josie McClaren, great grandparents of current owner Bob McClaren founded 44 Farms. 110+ years later Bob is running the show and growing the family farm like never before. Not only do these folks raise nationally recognized Black Angus Cattle, but they also have grown a huge meat business. They make it seem easy, but when you truly care about your cattle as much as they do, it is easy. Through their RightWay Program, they ensure that every beef branded 44 Farms was raised in a way that will produce a product anyone would be proud to put on their families table. 


44 Farms Premium Black Angus All Natural Cattle

The beef jerky the produce is no exception. As with all their products they believe less is always more. Their Simply Smoke Jerky contains 3 ingredients: All Natural Choice Black Angus Beef, Salt, and Pepper. Loaded with flavor, not ingredients. If you prefer to live life on the spicier side Texas Kick Jerky has just what you're looking for. They don't put their name on anything they aren't proud of and they stand behind this jerky with absolute pride.